Westpac Swift Code – Westpac Banking Corporation Swift Code 2020

Westpac Swift Code

Westpac Swift Code: Westpac Banking Corporation also known as Westpac is a bank in Australia that also provides financial services and is headquartered in Westpac Place Sydney. The bank was founded in 1817 and it was only after its merger with Commercial Bank of Australia that Westpac Bank came to existence. It is one of the biggest banks in Australia and more than that it is the first bank of Australia and is also the oldest financial institution of Australia. It commands a network of 1200 branches and almost 3200 ATM machines all across Australia. As of 2018, it has a customer base of 14 million and a strong workforce of around 14000 people.

Bank Name Swift Code Branch Address City
Westpac Banking Corporation WPACAU2SXXX For All South Wales Branches Sydney Australia
Westpac Banking Corporation WPACAU2FXXX Sydney Branch Sydney Australia
Westpac Banking Corporation WPACAU2FOBU Sydney Branch Sydney Australia

Westpac Services

One of the things that Westpac gives to its customers is a wide range of services and these services are as follows:

  • Finance & Insurance
  • Consumer Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Investment Management
  • Global Wealth Management
  • Private Equity
  • Mortgages
  • Credit Cards

These services are available for its 14 million customers and the fact that all of these services are provided with highest level of precision and professionalism ensure that the customers remain satisfied and happy with the work of Westpac and by doing so Westpac manages to grow its customer base even further. These are just some of the services that the bank provides, services such as a wide network of branches and ATM machines are another feature that make the Westpac bank preferable among the customers.


Westpac was first established in 1817 as the Bank of South Wales and it subsequently grew to merge and/or acquire other banks and further expand its business. Throughout its history, it has acquired banks such as the Western Australian Bank, Bank of New Zealand (20%),Bank of Tonga (40%) and Australian Bank of Commerce, are some of the acquisitions of Westpac that it made throughout the 19th and 20th century. It has managed to become a global bank and has been named as the most sustainable bank in 2017 DOW Jones Bank Sustainability Index.

Westpac & Australia

Westpac is the oldest bank of Australia and it also happens to be one of the biggest banks in Australia and has been so because of the fact that it is recognizable by the people of Australia as an organization that is trustworthy and the services that it provides are world class. The population of Australia comes from all over the world and it is diverse in many aspects and because of this the Westpac Banking Corporation can effectively use this diversity to its advantage and has created a more global customer base. All the people of Australia enjoy equal opportunities and thus is what makes the Australian banking sector among the best in the world. The secret behind the strength of Australian community is that the banks provide loans and other financial services to the people at low interest rates.

Swift Code Westpac

SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Inter bank Financial Telecommunication and is an organization that provides access to banks to use their network. The SWIFT network is spread across the world and has nearly 11,000 banks using its network and these banks are spread across 200 countries. Each branch of bank is issued a SWIFT code that is unique to the branch and what essentially the network does is that it enables the bank to communicate with each other more effectively and the information of every wired transaction is shared with the banks without any hindrance from an external element. It is a safe, reliable and strong network that ensures safe transfer of information between the banks that are on its network.

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