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UBL Swift Code – United Bank Limited Branches Swift Codes

United Bank Limited Swift Codes

ubl swift code: SWIFT provides a network which links up several financial institutions which allow the money to be wired across long distances and also more than half of the world uses SWIFT. Moreover, each bank is specified a unique ubl swift code.

Bank Name Swift Code Branch Address City
United Bank Limited UNILPKKA028 bank Square Branch Lahore Lahore Pakistan
United Bank Limited UNILPKKATFC CPU Trade – Head Office Karachi Karachi Pakistan
United Bank Limited UNILPKKA741 Jinnah Avenue Branch Islamabad Islamabad Pakistan
United Bank Limited UNILPKKA939 Trade Centre Branch Peshawar Peshawar Pakistan
United Bank Limited UNILPKKA686 bank Square Faisalabad Faisalabad Pakistan

United Bank Limited Details

As in every other society around the world, the banking sector in Pakistan is one of the sectors that has been booming despite all the odds and despite all the hardships that Pakistan has faced including terrorism, corruption among other threats, banking sector has managed to stay intact and even has grown over the course of the last 3 decades. After the privatization of banking took place in Pakistan, a number of various banks emerged and among those is Allied Bank.

Allied Bank has managed to grow to be the second largest bank of Pakistan. Even the socio-political atmosphere could not deter the banking sector from growing and the constant regime changes also did not help, but despite all those odds the sector survived and in some cases even thrived.

Pakistan was a democracy when it became independent but political turmoil led to several coups and eventually Pakistan ended up with dictatorship, which imposed harsh conditions on the banking sector and even rebuked the privatization of banks. But in today’s times, the democratic governments have helped the banking sector to grow.

As of now, the United Bank Limited has a workforce of more than 15,000, around 1500 branches across Pakistan as well as 19 branches abroad, the bank is safely one of the largest banks of Pakistan.


Found in 1959 by Agha Hassan Abedi, the bank has grown to be one of the largest banks of Pakistan and it is under his leadership that it managed to amass assets worth billions of dollars. In 1974, the banks was nationalized which affected the bank but despite that it rose.

In the early 2000s, the Government of Pakistan sold majority of its share to the Best way Group. Furthermore, in the UK, the bank merged with National Bank of Pakistan.In the year 2014, the Government of Pakistan sold off its remaining shares.


United Bank Limited offers all the facilities to its nearly 4 million customers such as transfers, deposits, safe deposit lockers as well as bill payment facilities. Moreover, United Bank Limited offers services such as ubl swift code OMNI, which allow the users to send and receive cash all across Pakistan without having to go to a branch of the bank.

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