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MBL Swift Code – Swift Code of Meezan Bank Limited

Meezan Bank Swift Codes

Swift Code Meezan Bank: SWIFT codes are codes which enable the banks to easily transfer and receive money through a safe, reliable and secure network of SWIFT. Each bank is assigned their own swift code and by this we mean that each branch of bank has its own unique SWIFT code. SWIFT is a cooperative society which works under the Belgian law and has offices worldwide. As of 2018, SWIFT allowed large transfers of Sums to various banks across the world and it connects more than 11000 banks in more than 200 countries spread all over the world.

Bank Name Meezan Bank Limited
Branch code XXX


Meezan Bank is one of the best performing banks of Pakistan and it is also the best Islamic Bank in Pakistan. It is headquartered in Karachi and has a network of around 800 branches across Pakistan. Meezan Bank is a private commercial bank in Pakistan which is a subsidiary of Kuwaiti Company, Noor Financial Investment. Meezan Bank has been operating in Pakistan since 2002, when State Bank of Pakistan issued the first ever license for Islamic Banking in Pakistan and since then it has grown to be one of the largest Islamic Banks of Pakistan.

Values, Mission& Vision

Shariah Compliance, Integrity, professionalism, Innovation, Service Excellence, Social Responsibility. Staff that is professionally trained, motivated and committed and is empathetic towards the needs of the customers. These are the values that Meezan Bank relies on to operate smoothly. If we talk about the mission then it is simple, to be the leader in Islamic Banking in Pakistan and to make Islamic Bank the first choice of the consumers and by doing so, establish a fair and just economic system for all.


Being one of the largest banks of Pakistan, Swift Code Meezan Bank offers all the services to its customers from Bank Deposits to Money Transfers and from Lockers to Loans & Financing. Meezan Bank has established a strong reputation for itself as a leader in Islamic Banking in Pakistan and by doing so Swift Code Meezan Bank has tapped into the previously untapped market share of Banking in Pakistan. Moreover, Swift Code Meezan Bank offers services such as Consumer Ease, which lets the customers buy any product that they desire with financial support from the Meezan Bank. Other than this, Meezan Bank offers a wide network of branches, which are spread all across Pakistan, this enables the Meezan Bank customers easily access any service from the Meezan Bank branch.

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