NAB Swift Code 2020 – National Australia Bank Swift Code

NAB swift code

NAB swift code: SWIFT codes are unique codes that each branch of a bank or a financial institution has, which enables to it send and receive information about financial transactions. SWIFT is a network that has around 11,000 banks that are part of its network and these banks are spread across all over the world. SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Inter bank Financial Telecommunication and its offices are headquartered in Belgium. As of now, SWIFT employs around 3000 people globally and these people work in different capacities to ensure that the organization runs smoothly.

Bank Name Swift Code Branch Address City
National Australia Bank NATAAU3305A Adelaide Branch (Trade & International Payments) Adelaide Australia
National Australia Bank NATAAU3304B Brisbane Branch (Trade & International Payments) Brisbane Australia
National Australia Bank NATAAU33XXX Melbourne Branch Melbourne Australia
National Australia Bank NATAAU3308D Darwin Branch Darwin Australia
National Australia Bank NATAAU33OBU Melbourne Branch Melbourne Australia
National Australia Bank NATAAU33033 Head Office Melbourne Melbourne Australia
National Australia Bank NATAAU3307H  Hobart (International Service Centre) Hobart Australia
National Australia Bank NATAAU33OBU Offshore Banking Unit Melbourne Melbourne Australia
National Australia Bank NATAAU3303X Asset Servicing Melbourne Melbourne Australia
National Australia Bank NATAAU33032 Vostro Client Services Melbourne Melbourne Australia
National Australia Bank NATAAU3306P Perth (Trade & International Payments) Perth Australia
National Australia Bank NATAAU3302S Sydney Branch Sydney Australia
National Australia Bank NATAAU3302J Wantirna South Branch Wantirna South Australia

NAB in Today’s Times

In recent years, NAB has been all over the media and the people that were previously unknown of the role of the institution and were even unaware that NAB as an institution even existed, have become more familiarized with it because of the high profile case of Panama Leaks and the Sharif Family and other families that had been named in the leaked papers. The institution acted swiftly and to great success because it successfully was able to prosecute people that had been named in the papers. After this incident, NAB gained a whole new level of fame and has now become more stronger than ever.

NAB’ Mission

NAB has been actively campaigning around the nation to put an end to financial wrongdoings with the help of the people and has even set up a complaint cell with a dedicated number so that people can report any kind of financial misconduct directly to NAB while remaining completely anonymous. Moreover, it has been conducting seminars to educate the people and help them identify a crime when they see one and what it is that they can do to stop it. Furthermore, NAB has undergone a complete restructuring with amendments to its already existing framework and introducing mew legislation to grant more power to NAB so that reliance on government and other powerful figures is reduced.

NAB Swift Codes

National Accountability Bureau is an independent institution of Pakistan that has been established as per the constitution to ensure transparency and accountability. The institution also ensures that there all attempts to launder money are being countered and the people that are involved in all kinds of financial wrongdoings are held accountable. It was formed in 1999, but it remained a small piece in the whole picture because it was crippled the bureaucratic red tape and politicians would often install their favored individuals in the NAB so that their financial wrongdoings would not be caught.

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NAB Swift Code

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