HDFC Bank Swift Code 2020 – Swift Code of HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank Swift Code

HDFC Bank Swift Code: HDFC is an Indian financial services provider that was set up 25 years ago in 1994. The bank is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and is the largest private bank in India in terms of market capitalization and also in terms of assets. As of 2020, the bank has assets that are worth $170 billion and it has a revenue of $16 billion in the previous year. HDFC was ranked 60th on the Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands  and other than that it has received several accolades and awards over the years that has helped elevate the popularity of the bank.

Bank Name Swift Code Branch Address City
HDFC Bank HDFCINBBBNG Bangalore Branch Bangalore India
HDFC Bank HDFCINBBCOC Cochin Branch Cochin India
HDFC Bank HDFCINBBHYD Hyderabad Branch Hyderabad India
HDFC Bank HDFCINBBXXX Mumbai Branch Mumbai India
HDFC Bank HDFCINBBCHE Tamilnandu Branch Chennai India
HDFC Bank HDFCINBBAHM Ahmedabad Branch Ahmedabad India

HDFC Operations & Services

HDFC has a widespread network of 5500 branches that are spread across 2764 cities in India and it has a permanent workforce of 105,000 employees. The bank provides a number of services to its customers such as:

  • Credit Cards
  • Corporate Banking
  • Consumer Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Mortgage Loans
  • Private Baking
  • Wealth Management
  • Private Equity
  • Finance
  • Insurance

These services coupled with the nationwide network of branches make for an accessible customer experience. The fact that bank has been able to grow to be one of the largest banks in India is testament to the fact that HDFC has been providing services that are loved by the customers and this is the reason as to why they have chosen to remain with HDFC.

HDFC’s Expansion

Over the years, HDFC has managed to expand its operations by acquisitions such as in 2000, it merged with Times Bank and then in 2008 it acquired Centurion Bank for 95.1 billion INR, which was the largest acquisition in the private sector in India. Since then it has managed to grow exponentially to be one of the largest banks in India, so much so, that it spent 444 Crore INR towards Corporate Social Responsibility in 2019, which makes them the third largest spender in India.

Swift Code of HDFC Bank

If you are looking for HDFC Swift Codes then you have come to the right place because we have all the codes as well as Swift codes of other banks. SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Inter bank Financial Telecommunication and is headquartered in Belgium. The network assigns a unique code to each bank that allows the bank to log on to the SWIFT network, which connects around 11,000 banks that are spread across 132 nations. The banks can easily share information with one another over this network without having to worry about sensitive data getting leaked.

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