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Chase Swift Code

Chase Swift Code: Chase Bank is the subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase that deals in commercial and consumer banking, it is headquartered in Manhattan, NYC. Formerly, the bank was known as Chase Manhattan Bank until it merged with JP Morgan & Co. In 2000. The bank was birthed around 220 years ago in 1799 and subsequently it has managed to grow to be one of the largest banks of the world with their assets standing at around $2.63 trillion, moreover, Chase Bank is one the big four banks of the US. Another reason for its growth is that it has managed to acquire a number of other banks over the years.

Bank Name JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Swift Code CHASUS33XXX
Branch Address New York Plaza, 4 Floor 15
City New York
Country United States

Chase Bank Operations

The bank has a network of 5100 branches and 16,000 ATM’s that are spread across 100 countries. Chase Bank operated in just the US but over the years it has grown its operations to span across a 100 countries. As of 2016, Chase Bank employs around 190,000 employs across its operations. In 1955, Chase National Bank and The Manhattan Bank merged to form Chase Manhattan Bank and then later in 2000, JP Morgan acquired The Chase Manhattan Bank and renamed it to Chase Bank- a subsidiary of JP Morgan.

Products & Services

The Bank operates across 100 countries and with its widespread network of branches, it has managed to grow its customer base exponentially over the years and one of the reasons is the services they provide which are as follows:

  • Financial Services
  • Retail Financial Services
  • Card Services
  • Commercial Banking

These are some of the products and services that Chase Bank offers and these services are offered to the highest level of quality. This is the reason that Chase Bank managed to pull in $109 billion in revenue in 2018 and as we all know Chase Bank is one of the big four banks in the US.

Banks in the US

Banks in the US are some of the biggest in the world and this has been so mainly because of the fact that US has the worlds biggest economy and these banks have been in operation for centuries and this has helped them establish a trust with the general masses as most of them have been using these banks because their parents used them as well. The banks in the US have gone through a number of acquisitions and mergers which has even expanded their operations.

Chase Bank Swift Code

In case you are looking for Chase Banks Swift Codes then you can visit our website, as we have all the Swift codes for Chase Bank. SWIFT code is assigned to each branch of a bank that enables it to sign on to the SWIFT network, a network that has 11,000 banks on it which are spread across over a 100 countries. The main function of the SWIFT network is that it lets the banks share information with each other in a safe and reliable environment. Each SWIFT code is unique and corresponds with a specific branch of a bank and just by looking at the code we can identify the bank.

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