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Askari Bank Swift Code – Swift Code of Askari Bank Limited

Askari Bank Swift Code

Askari Bank Swift Code: Founded in 1991, Askari Bank has grown to be one of the most prominent banks in Pakistan and is headquartered in Rawalpindi. Since its inception, the bank operated as a private bank under the name of Askari Commercial Bank, it was then acquired by Fauji Foundation. As of 2009, the bank employs nearly 8000 people and has a network of branches spread across all over Pakistan. Over the years it has grown substantially and in 2019 the bank posted its highest ever profit and is expected to top that in 2020.

Bank Name Swift Code Branch Address City
Askari Bank Limited ASCMPKKA901 Rawalpindi Branch Rawalpindi Pakistan
Askari Bank Limited ASCMPKKA004 Cantonment Branch Peshawar Pakistan
Askari Bank Limited ASCMPKKA009 University Road Branch Faisalabad Faisalabad Pakistan
Askari Bank Limited ASCMPKKA013 Multan Branch Multan Pakistan
Askari Bank Limited ASCMPKKA037 Gujrat Branch Gujrat Pakistan
Askari Bank Limited ASCMPKKA906 Walton Lahore Lahore Pakistan
Askari Bank Limited ASCMPKKAXXX Karachi Karachi Pakistan
Askari Bank Limited ASCMPKKA012 Gujranwala Branch Gujranwala Pakistan
Askari Bank Limited ASCMPKKA010 Sialkot Branch Sialkot Pakistan
Askari Bank Limited ASCMPKKA003 Cantonment Branch Quetta Quetta  Pakistan
Askari Bank Limited ASCMPKKAFT2 Central Trade Unit Lahore Pakistan

Askari Banks Services

Askari Bank provides all the services that a customer could want and these services are offered to the highest level of quality so that customer satisfaction is always on the high. Some of the services that Askari Bank Swift Code offers are as follows:

  • Loans
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • ATM cash deposit & withdrawal
  • Credit/Debit Card

These are just some of the services that Askari Bank Swift Code provides through their outlets which are spread all across Pakistan. Moreover, the bank offers e-banking services as well and the customers can access all the services that the Bank has to offer through the app that is available to download from Play Store and App Store.

Banking & Investment in Pakistan

Banks have been operating for a long time all over the world and have become important tools of every economy of the world. If we are to talk about the role of banks in the growth of an economy then we all know that banks are the go-to place for the masses as well as the corporations and the stronger the banking infrastructure the more safe investors feel when investing. Each and every investor looks at the banking infrastructure of an nation before making an investment and it is pertinent that they feel that their investments will be in safe and reliable hands.

The economy of Pakistan has grown dramatically over the last 2 decades mainly because of the rise in population but other factors such as terrorism and weak state institutions, have been dealt with in an effective manner. Another factor that has contributed significantly to the growth of economy in Pakistan is the fact that the population has increased significantly to 200 million from around 84 million in the 80s and this surge in population has lead to greater investments from private individuals as well as government institutions. The economy faced an uncertain future when in 2000s the country was plagued by terrorism and this lead the investors to turn away from Pakistan. But in recent years, the Pakistani market has built back its reputation has instilled confidence in the investors to the point where they are investing billions in Pakistan without worrying much.

The greatest investment in Pakistan came in the form of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), where China is set to invest around $70 billion in Pakistan across several sectors ranging from infrastructure to energy production and this investment has created employments for the parts of Pakistan which were previously ignored or were not properly capitalized upon. Also, this project is set to modernize a lot of the rural areas of Pakistan.

Askari Bank Swift Codes

Swift Codes are unique codes that are given to banks so that they can become a part of the global networks of banks that are connected through the SWIFT network. SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Inter bank Financial Telecommunication and it is headquartered in Belgium. It is a network which enables to send and receive information about financial transactions. So far, SWIFT connects around 11,000 banks worldwide in more than 200 countries worldwide.

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Askari Bank Swift Code

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