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ANZ Swift Codes

ANZ swift code: SWIFT codes are unique codes that are assigned to each branch of the bank and these codes connect the banks to the SWIFT network that has banks on it that are spread all across the world. SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Inter bank Financial Telecommunications and what this is does is essentially it helps the banks better communicate when funds are being wired from one bank to another and it also enables the banks to communicate more effectively. The network was founded 47 years ago and is headquartered in Belgium and to date it has connected 11,000 banks across 200 countries.

Bank Name ANZ ( Australia & New Zealand Banking Group)
Swift Code ANZBAU3M
Branch Address 100 QUEEN ST
City Melbourne
Country Australia


Also known as ANZ, it the second largest bank in Australia in terms of assets and third largest in terms of market capitalization in Australia. It is headquartered in Melbourne and has been in operation for nearly 64 years. ANZ came to life when Bank of Australasia merged with the Union Bank of Australia Limited. For ANZ, the biggest source of revenue is its Australia operation, with its commercial and retail banking bringing in huge profits for the bank. ANZ currently employs around 50,000 people and serves nearly 9 million customers worldwide

ANZ & Its Impacts on the Economy

Banking is an important sector for any nation’s economy and the stronger we build up the banking sector, the more prosperous economy we have. Moreover, banks play an important role in uplifting people out of poverty and helps them build up their businesses so that they can earn a living but also at the same time create jobs and add to the economy. Aspirations of people are often let down whenever they run into a financial obstacle or even any other obstacle for that matter. In order to counter this banks have to be built up to the strongest possible degree.

Operations of ANZ

Australia & New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) has been around for a long time and in its history it has amassed operations of banks such as Grind lays Bank and it even acquired operations of Barclays in Fiji. It even acquired licence to start its operations in Frankfurt. ANZ purchased Post Bank from the New Zealand government in 1989 and thus is effectively expanded into New Zealand as well. ANZ operates in around 570 branches and is currently working across 34 countries worldwide. ANZ is known for its sustainability and it even has been named as the most sustainable bank globally in 2012 DOW Jones sustainability index.

Australia & its Economic Prowess

Australia is know for having a diverse population and the people enjoy equality and other opportunities such as freedom of expression and freedom of religion to name a few. The fact they have these diversities means that they can effectively tap into them and help themselves establish on a more global scale and that us exactly what they have done throughout their history. In 1990s, ANZ acquired a number of various banks such as National Mutual Royal Bank, Lloyd’ operations in Papua New Guinea, Bank of New Zealand’s operations in Fiji, 75% of Bank of Western Samoa and opened a representative office in the Philippines, these are just some of the acquisitions that ANZ went through in the 1990s.

ANZ Services

ANZ provides its customers all the financial services and these services are incredibly competent as they are designed to help the customers as much as possible. It enjoys a happy customer base and for most banks customer satisfaction is of the top most priority because it helps them further grow their customers.

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