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ABL Swift Code – Allied Bank Limited Branches Swift Codes

Allied Bank Swift Code

Allied Bank Swift Code: SWIFT codes connect the financial institutions through a vast web of connectivity. This connectivity is used by more than 50% of the financial institutions across the world and also banks are assigned a specific SWIFT code, which is special or unique to that branch. In essence, no two banks are assigned the same SWIFT codes.

Bank Name Swift Code Branch Address City
Allied Bank Limited ABPAPKKAXXX Karachi Karachi Pakistan
Allied Bank Limited ABPAPKKAFSD Faisalabad Faisalabad Pakistan
Allied Bank Limited ABPAPKKAISL Islamabad Islamabad Pakistan
Allied Bank Limited ABPAPKKALHR Lahore Lahore Pakistan
Allied Bank Limited ABPAPKKASKT
Sialkot Pakistan
Allied Bank Limited ABPAPKKAMUL Multan Multan Pakistan


Allied Bank is one of the oldest banks of Pakistan and also the first bank of Pakistan that was situated on Pakistani soil after the independence. Initially, the bank was called Australasia Bank and was established in 1942. At the time of establishment of the bank, it had a total capital of 0.12 million and up until 1971, the bank was spread across the Greater Pakistan but after the separation of 1971, the bank lost a significant amount of branches as well as capital due to the fact that some of the branches were situated in, what is now Bangladesh.

Over the course of Pakistan’s history, the policies have affected the development of Pakistan’s economy negatively which has led to the banking sector to bear the brunt of the negative consequences as well. Additionally, the fact that the people of Pakistan have had to face major issues such as extremism and corruption among other issues as well, has not helped Pakistan’s cause a single bit because foreign investors had lost their confidence in Pakistan, as a place to invest their money. Allied Bank Swift Code

Furthermore, the lack of a framework of proper policy making has also seriously hampered the growth of Pakistani economy on the whole.


Allied Bank provides all the facilities and even more, facilities such as car financing, loans for businesses as well as other facilities such as online bank payment, are some of the facilities offered by the bank.

It also offers services such as

  • Personal Banking
  • Business Banking
  • Islamic Banking

Islamic Banking has been a fan favourite among the customers in Pakistan because as a nation Pakistan is a Muslim nation and the fact that Allied Bank offers Islamic Banking, has only made the bank more popular in Pakistan.


We have not vetted the legality of these banks and in case of any loss, we shall not be responsible. Moreover, we may not have the jurisdiction to conduct business there, which may lead to a criminal misconduct.

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