The use of salicylic acne paste.
Acne is a rather unpleasant problem that many people face in their youth. You can solve it with salicylic paste. Its main ingredient is salicylic acid. How to use the product in order to get a long-term positive effect? In what cases can not use this drug?
Recommendations for the use of salicylic paste
Salicylic acid has the following effects:
• dries the skin,
• relieves the inflammatory process,
• prevents the production of excess sebum.
A paste made on the basis of salicylic acid has the same beneficial properties.
Under its influence, inflammatory processes in pustular formations (acne) cease. Salicylic paste softens plugs that clog pores. As a result, the plugs disappear, and the pores begin to function normally.
Rules of use:
• areas of the skin on which the paste is to be applied must be thoroughly washed;
• the application surface must be dried (preferably with sterile wipes);
• paste (without rubbing) should be applied to a pimple (or other pustular formation) with a thin layer;
• The procedure is best performed at night so that the exposure time is as long as possible.
During the procedure, basic hygiene rules must be observed: hands should be washed thoroughly. When treating a small amount of acne, paste should be applied to them pointwise, 2 times a day.
Apply paste in an amount not exceeding 2 g. This is due to the fact that the active substance penetrates through the skin into the blood. Excessive concentration may cause an allergic reaction.
Duration of use – no more than 20 days. After this, you need to take a break for at least 2 weeks. If there are a lot of inflammatory rashes or they did not go away in 20 days, you should consult a dermatologist.
The drug can not be applied to moles, birthmarks or other similar skin formations.
Contraindications for use.
There are not so many restrictions on the use of salicylic paste for acne, but you still need to know about them. For example, it cannot be used:
• in the presence of individual intolerance to salicylic acid or petroleum jelly;
• with severe kidney disease;
• under the age of 6 years;
• during pregnancy.
In order to avoid overdose or with very dry skin, it is better to use a paste with the lowest active substance content – 1% or 2%.
Salicylic paste is an inexpensive but effective acne treatment. No need to despair in case of skin problems. A positive attitude and this drug will help you get rid of unwanted rashes.

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