How to treat heartburn?
Heartburn, most often is a gastroesophageal reflex disease, this disease is caused by the ingress of acidic gastric contents into the esophagus. Heartburn is a little less common in chronic gastritis and other diseases of the digestive tract. With the help of modern drugs, you can completely and permanently eliminate heartburn, but few think about their composition. For opponents of all kinds of little-known drugs of unknown origin, there are a lot of effective folk remedies.
Here are some of them:
With Soda, you can quickly pay off heartburn. It is necessary to dilute one pinch of soda in a glass of warm water and drink this mixture slowly, making 2-3 sips per minute. Drink everything until the water cools.
To get rid of the feeling of heartburn, you can chew a little piece of calamus root and swallow it, washed down with water after that.
The seeds of anise ordinary help a lot. They must be crushed and filled with one liter of vodka. It is necessary to insist for a month. Cinnamon or lemon peel can be added to the tincture to taste, pour 300-400 g of sugar, then mix until completely dissolved and strain. Take 50g after eating.
With severe heartburn, you can use ash from birch bark in the following proportion: half a teaspoon per reception. Drink plenty of water.
Drink warm sparkling water, milk and take burnt magnesia.
Heartburn will disappear if you take 80 g of apple cider vinegar before meals.
To treat heartburn, you need to take and mix one part of St. John’s wort, three parts of plantain, four parts of lemon balm, two parts of nettle, two parts of oregano. One tablespoon of this collection is poured 150 gr. water. Slowly bring to a boil, after which the broth is insisted for 5 hours, then filtered through several layers of gauze and allowed to cool. Take the medicine you need 2 tablespoons 3 times a day half an hour before a meal. The course of such treatment is 10 to 15 days.
A very effective remedy is fresh juice obtained from potatoes. It is also a good medicine for chronic gastritis. About 4 times a day you need to drink 50g. potato juice 15-20 minutes before eating. After 2-3 weeks, heartburn will leave you and you will not forget for a long time. In order to prevent, you can continue (to regulate the work of the stomach), but you need to take juice no more than 2 times a day.
Grapes and aloe are good helpers in the fight against heartburn.
It is necessary to mix one tablespoon of dried aloe with two tablespoons of chopped grape leaves. Boil it all in one liter of water for 20 minutes, then let stand for about an hour, then strain and you can drink 1/3 cup before meals for about 7 days.
You can take 1 tablespoon of walnut kernels 2-3 times a day for 2 weeks. Drink as much mineral-alkaline water as possible (Borjomi, Narzan). Eat one pinch of powdered eggshell from hard-boiled eggs.
If heartburn happens more than 2 times a week, then for breakfast you should eat buckwheat porridge.
Each body has different methods of treatment and prevention. Therefore, you should try to choose for yourself the most suitable and attractive advice.

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