Alternative treatment of intestinal dysbiosis.
In the international classifier of human disease, as such, there is no diagnosis of intestinal dysbiosis, dysbiosis is more correct to say. This is not a disease, but a condition. Dysbiosis is always secondary, it is associated with various diseases, mainly gastrointestinal. There is no point in repeatedly retaking the tests for dysbiosis, you need to look for its cause. If the bacterial balance is disturbed, it is necessary to conduct an additional examination and treat the underlying disease. Even with temporary dysbiosis, the protective properties of the intestinal mucosa decrease, useful substances are poorly absorbed, and conditions for the development of infection are created.
In most cases, dysbiosis of malnutrition can go away on its own, as soon as we move on to a rational diet with a high content of dairy products. Following the advertisement, you need to add natural yogurt with live bacteria to your diet.
This is the most reliable way to get rid of dysbiosis, and fermented milk products help strengthen immunity. If you have signs of dysbiosis, then you need to cleanse the intestines. Then, after dinner, in the next two weeks, you need to eat a few cloves of garlic, while it should not be washed down or jammed. After eliminating the main problems with the stomach, within a month, you need to drink oatmeal infusion.
To do this, you need to wash a small handful of oats, dry it by putting it on a towel, then pour two glasses of boiling water in a thermos and add two or three tablespoons of oats that have already dried up. Thus, your intestinal mucosa normalizes, the activity of the gastrointestinal tract improves, and it also helps to restore immunity. Also a great remedy for dysbiosis is a combination of garlic, onion and kefir. You need to peel two heads of garlic and about five medium-sized onions. Grind it all and pour in kefir, one liter in volume. Stir the resulting mass and put it in a cold dark place for five days, it is best to put it in the refrigerator.
After it is infused, take three tablespoons one tablespoon for a period of at least a week. In most cases, dysbiosis is accompanied by bloating. This can be prevented with the help of dill seed infusion. To do this, you need to pour four tablespoons of boiling water and let stand for two hours. Then you need to strain it all and take it every two hours, for one day.
Another remedy that helps get rid of dysbiosis is a mixture of seeds and nuts. To prepare it, you will need 10 grams of peeled sunflower seeds, as well as 10 grams of peeled pumpkin seeds and 10 grams of walnut kernels. Grind each component of this mixture in a coffee grinder, then mix. Pour warm boiled water into a separate container and pour our mixture there. The portion that we have obtained is necessary to drink in two doses for the whole day. For greater effectiveness, the course of treatment must be extended by ten days.
I think that each of you after eating heavy, fatty foods felt heaviness in your stomach, nausea. It is also a sign of intestinal dysbiosis. To improve your condition, I advise you to take 3 tablespoons of mint, it does not matter if it is green leaves or dry grass, pour a glass of boiled water only and cool. You need to drink this infusion throughout the day, preferably in four doses.
I think that all these recipes are not so complicated and inaccessible, but each of you can feel better with dysbiosis and bring joy to others.

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