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Nationwide Swift Code 2020 – Nationwide iban Number

Nationwide is a mutual financial institution that is one of the largest in the world and seventh largest when it comes to cooperative financial institutions. It was formed around 1846 and is headquartered in Swindon, England. It has over 15 million members worldwide and it has around 18,000 employees. The bank has been working towards the growth that it has today by expanding its business by acquiring other banks. It is one of the largest mortgage and savings bank in the UK and it commands a market share of around 7.7% in the UK market. In this article you can find Nationwide Swift Code list.

Bank Name Nationwide Building Society
Swift Code NBSMGB22XXX
Branch Address
Northampton NN3 6NW
Country United Kingdom

Products & Services

It offers a wide range of products to its customers and these products are as follows:

  • Retail Banking
  • Savings
  • Mortgages
  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Current Accounts
  • Loans
  • Credit Cards

These services coupled with the mergers and acquisitions nationwide, have given the bank room to expand and for that reason it has been named among the best banks in the UK, moreover, it enjoys the highest customer satisfaction rating among its competitors. Nationwide provides services through its 700 branches nationwide as well as directly to the customers. In 2015, Nationwide was declared as the 23rd best big company to work at by The Sunday Times.


Over the years, Nationwide has had around 100 mergers and in 2015 it had around £220 billion in assets which made it larger than any building corporation in the UK. Prior to 2001, Nationwide was a society that worked to build around the nation but in 2001, following a vote, it was turned into a bank and since then it has been working as one in order to cater to its customers. The bank is popular among the customers mainly because of the level of quality that it provides to its customers.

Nationwide Swift Code

For those of you who are looking for Nationwide Swift Codes then you have come to the right place because we have all the codes that you are looking for and we even have Swift codes for other banks as well. Swift is a network that enables the banks that use it to share information between the rest of the banks that use the network and there are around 11,000 banks that use the network and these banks are spread across the world. All in all, the network provides a safe and trustworthy space to share sensitive information between all the member banks.

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